Transparency in Recruiting

Posted by Mala Nichani on Jul 14, 2015 8:44:16 PM

We all need transparency in the workplace. This is not new. Employees are much more willing to work harder, learn, grow, and be successful if they know the leadership teams cares about their ideas. It not only allows for ideas to flow freely, but it also allows for bottlenecks and issues to be uncovered and addressed directly and quickly, saving time and ultimately money.

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Topics: Data-Driven Recruiting

Proven Beneficial Ways to Cope and Destress from a Demanding Job

Posted by Christina Baniya on Jul 14, 2015 7:54:00 PM

Keep your balance in a high pressure career with a rapidly shifting economy

As a recruiter, sometimes I have no "set" hours since I deal with team members and candidates in multiple time zones. In my industry, "happy hours" are the norm. While having some occasional drinks can be a great way to bond and celebrate with friends and colleagues, it can turn into a major problem when alcohol becomes the primary coping method for stressful situations.

In this fast-paced, career and success-oriented culture, attempting to drink away our problems has become way more common than it probably should be for our mental health. There are better ways that are cheaper, healithier, and more accessible. 

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Use Technology to Manage Your Time Like a Boss

Posted by Paul Grewal on Jul 10, 2015 2:59:00 PM

We’re living in the age of connectivity.

At any given moment -- whether you’re in bed in the morning, sitting at your desk, or out at dinner with your family -- your email box and social media accounts can be easily accessed in seconds.

The problem is that sometimes, they can be a little too accessible -- an interesting new type of problem to have. This opens the door to the possibility of constantly checking new updates as they come in, and significantly extending the amount of time it takes to get work done.

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Great Executives Lead by Example

Posted by Miriam Gershenson on Jul 9, 2015 5:33:04 PM

A company's key to thriving in the long run

Organizational culture is one of the largely intangible concepts that is hard to measure and change, but has a major impact on the long-term growth of any company.

Often times, in the relentless pursuit of quarterly profits, organizations can lose sight of the big picture -- and allow the overall sentiment and mood of the company to plummet. Yes, you very well may squeeze a few more bucks out each quarter. The problem is, you’ll also lose much more on recruiting, branding, and future productivity -- because all of your best employees just started considering new opportunities, and are now one foot out the door.

If you want to create an organizational culture that sustains itself for the long haul, here’s the secret sauce:

Lead by example.

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Dating & Recruiting (Part 1): 5 Steps to Deal with Arrogant People

Posted by Alexandra Sullivan on Jul 4, 2015 2:06:00 AM

Win over the most challenging candidates with these tactics.

Recruiting can be a lot like dating at times:  All of the best people are in high demand and already taken. It's like courting the best passive candidates.

This high level of demand can go to a person’s head. They're talented! They do excellent work! They deserve the best positions! But, this attention may also cause them to be perceived as a bit arrogant or egotistical. 

For hiring managers and recruiters, it’s not uncommon to have to deal with candidates like this, yet relationships are the heart of recruiting. The challenge lies in focusing on how you handle situations and people rather than on the negative.
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Forget Networking, Focus on Connecting

Posted by Paul Grewal on Jun 28, 2015 5:34:00 PM

How to create real value in your relationships

In my mind, at least.

Networking worked just fine for the 20th century. It was a time in which there was a clear division between business and personal life. People were always expected to dress, speak, and behave in very formalized ways in and around the workplace.

But we’ve moved into a new era.

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5 Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones

Posted by Paul Grewal on Jun 23, 2015 12:51:00 PM

Winter is coming.

For all organizations that don’t pride themselves on maintaining a cohesive culture suited for the 21st century, it’s only a matter of time before they end up frozen out in the unforgiving cold and darkness. Attracting and retaining top talent is not just about creating an ever-growing list of side perks, but something much deeper: True leadership.

Here are some timeless lessons we can learn from the Game of Thrones series to become better leaders within our own professional and personal lives.

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The Need for Talent Analytics in Recruiting

Posted by Mala Nichani on Jun 19, 2015 3:11:00 PM

We all face challenges when it comes to finding and hiring the best possible talent. Using talent analytics in your everyday recruiting can help solve some of these challenges. In my last post Transparency in Recruiting, I talked about some of the questions a transparent recruiting model can answer. The need for data in recruiting in this competitive market is becoming more and more important. Having insight into the market can give recruiters that competitive edge they need to attract top talent to their company. What do recruiters need the data to tell them?

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Recruiters Seeking Recruiters

Posted by Mala Nichani on Jun 18, 2015 3:20:00 PM

Companies with an internal recruiting team are often reluctant to use an external agency to help with their recruiting needs. Unfortunately, the disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers is far too prevalent. This can often lead to frustration and fruitless efforts. Sometimes the best thing to do is to step back and get a second opinion. This is when exceptional, solutions oriented, outside recruiting agencies might be your best bet. Here’s why:

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How To Effectively Build Recruiter/Candidate Relationships In Today's Market

Posted by Mala Nichani on Jun 17, 2015 3:18:00 PM

It is no surprise that today’s job market belongs to the candidate. Candidates are inundated with multiple calls, voicemails, and emails from recruiters. With multiple offers being the norm, job seekers and passive candidates have their pick. More and more it’s becoming important for the recruiter to build a strong relationship with the candidate in order to build trust and ultimately be able to close the candidate and make that hire, benefiting all 3 parties.

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